Terms of sale

Each of our sales or services is governed by these conditions. The buyer fully and unreservedly adheres to them. Special conditions may be granted to the purchaser, but are only applicable after written confirmation from the Clinique de l’Instrument. A non-answer from the Clinique de l’Instrument does not in any case correspond to tacit confirmation of the conditions required by the customer.


Estimates are only made for amounts greater than (see here), unless the amount of the repair exceeds 50% of the new value of the instrument to be repaired. They are invoiced according to the scale in force on the day of establishment. In case of refusal of the estimate, it is not charged if you leave the instrument to us. Simply return the estimate signed and sealed with the indication « Good for non return ». Otherwise, the material is returned unrepaired and disassembled. A reassembly, without guarantee of operation, can be carried out at the customer’s request. This operation will be invoiced (see here). Unless otherwise specified, the prices shown  on a quotation are valid for one month from the date of establishment. After this period, the terms of the quotation will have to be confirmed by the Clinique de l’Instrument.


All our prices are subject to VAT. Our prices are invoiced on the basis of the rates in force on the day of delivery.


Unless otherwise indicated, payment shall be made to the Clinique de l’Instrument, upon receipt of the invoice, by right away payment, net and without discount. Failure to pay on the due date will result in the immediate payment of all sums due, without the need for any prior formal notice  In the event of late payment, the sums due will give rise, after formal notice, to the collection of late payment interest amounting to at least 1.5 times the legal interest rate per month.


Our delivery times are fixed as an indication, without any delay of any duration whatsoever may give rise to compensation or a refusal of the goods. Unless otherwise specified, packaging, delivery and insurance costs are the expense of the recipient. Transport costs are invoiced on departure from the Clinique de l’Instrument, plus packing and insurance costs. The mode of transport is fixed by us, unless otherwise specified on the customer’s order form. The goods travel at the risk and peril of the recipient, who is responsible for checking the condition of the goods delivered upon receipt and, if necessary, making the necessary reservations with regard to the carrier, within the time limits and conditions set by the Commercial Code. We charge a handling fee for any delivery whose net amount is less than the fixed amount (see here). The return of particular materials such as sterilizers must be in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Failing this, the Clinique de l’Instrument may, if it deems it necessary, replace, the packaging provided by the customer with a specific packaging corresponding to the transport constraints. It will be invoiced according to the scale in force. Packages returned to the Clinique de l’Instrument using pre-established strains (eg Colissimo return) travel at the risk of the sender who will take care to use packaging that conforms to the material transported. The Clinique de l’Instrument cannot be held responsible for the deterioration or lack of the contents of these packages.


No product may be taken back or exchanged without the written agreement of the Clinique de l’Instrument and subject to reimbursement of the costs corresponding to this operation. The return costs are always at the expense of the customer. When returning goods, the equipment must be returned new in its original packaging, without having worked. For any return of spare parts for an amount less than (see here), a flat rate of (see here) will be charged for return costs. In other cases, the Clinique de l’Instrument will charge 20% of the credit note amount for return costs with a minimum of (see here).When returning goods, the Clinique de l’Instrument reserves the right to charge for inspection or repairs costs if necessary.


Repairs carried out by the Clinique de l’Instrument are guaranteed for 3 to 6 months depending on the operations performed.

This warranty excludes all consumable materials or materials subject to wear or deterioration such as for example motor brushes, light bulbs, cables, heating elements, fiberglass etc…. This warranty also excludes breakdowns due to poor maintenance, improper handling, dropping, improper storage, deterioration due to limescale or corrosion. Clogged sprays are never covered by the warranty.

The warranty is limited to the repair or exchange after control,by us of the defective part (s), by an identical or similar part. Any intervention during the warranty period, even if it requires the equipment to be immobilized, can in no case extend the duration of this warranty. An intervention under guarantee cannot give rise to a loan, a partial or total replacement of the equipment to be repaired, nor to any indemnity of any kind. Spare parts delivered and not assembled by the Clinique de l’Instrument (eg turbine rotor) are not guaranteed.


The Clinique de l’Instrument retains ownership of the goods sold until full and effective payment of the principal and accessory price. Failure to pay on the due date authorizes the Clinique de l’Instrument to take back the delivered item and to terminate the contract.

LAW NR 80-335 of 12.05.1980: that the sold goods, even if held by the buyer, remain the property of the seller until payment of the full price.

These provisions do not prevent the transfer to the customer, upon delivery, of the risks of loss and deterioration of the goods sold, as well as any damage they may cause. The costs of repair and / or repackaging of the goods taken back are at the customer’s full expense.


By express agreement and except in case of a postponement requested in time and granted by the Clinique de l’Instrument, failure to pay of our services at the fixed deadline will lead to the payment of all sums remaining due, whatever the method of payment,. , and the application as a penalty clause of an indemnity equal to 15% of the sums due.


In the event of a dispute, French law being the only applicable law, jurisdiction is attributed to the Court of STRASBOURG. This clause applies even in the case of summary proceedings, incidental claims or multiple defendants and whatever the method and terms of payment.